If Only People Came with Warning Labels

Life could be so much easier… If only people came with warning labels.

You may be thinking “Yes! That’d be awesome. I could easily see the toxic people in my life.” or “I could recognize the people who will cause me trouble.”

But those aren’t the warning labels I’m talking about. I wish people came with warning labels like:

If Only People Came With Warning Labels

I need help.

This warning label would let me know this person is struggling with a problem and needs help. He’s open to receiving help and won’t get mad if I step up to offer a few wise words like Yoda.

This would also let me know they’re looking for help and may strike out because of the pain their problem is causing them. Their warning label crying out for help allows me to brace myself for any attack I may face when I’m interacting with them.

I am hurting.

Another warning label to let you know someone may attack you. The old saying is true: Hurting people hurt people.

Knowing someone is in pain before you interact with them allows you to know they will more than likely try to hurt you. And that’s okay.

They’re hurting. You’ve hurt before. And you want to help them.

I feel unloved.

Have you ever felt unloved? It’s a horrible feeling. You feel unvalued and uncared for. You may even feel like you’ve been discarded by those you love.

The idea you’re unloved is hard. This idea can even drive you unintentionally to become unlovable by the actions you take.

Knowing someone feels unloved can also help you by encouraging you to love on them. A person wearing this warning sign lets you know it’s your turn to step up and be a good friend.

I don’t know what to do.

Having recently stepped into a new organization, I feel like I could easily wear this sign. Starting a new job opens up a whole new world and challenges you thought you’d already conquered.

If people were more open about their lack of knowledge or their questions about what to do, you could be the guide they need you to be. You could show them where to go, what is expected of them, and more.

I am afraid.

Fear causes people to do strange things. They lash out or withdraw. They try to act brave. Or they choose to become belligerent.

The warning sign of “I am afraid” would tell you that you need to be gentle with this person. They’re scared and anxious.

You could help alleviate these fears by taking their hand and walking with them through their challenges. You can show them they’re not alone and they can make it.

Warning Signs Would Make Life Grand

Yes, warning signs on people would make life grand. It’d make leadership better. You wouldn’t have to wonder what someone is thinking or how to treat them. You’d know! They’d tell you and you wouldn’t have to wonder.

But life isn’t this easy. People don’t come with warning signs.

It’s up to you to interact with those you meet and discover what’s going on in their lives. If you reach out and show you care, you can learn what’s troubling them.

They’ll open up. They’ll share their lives with you. And you may discover people do wear warning signs.

Question: If people wore warning signs, what warning sign would be most helpful to you? Let me know in the comment section below.