5 Powerful Things That Show Your Life Is Blessed


What is “blessing?”  Is it fame, cars, kids, and houses?

Why is it that some people have all of that and can’t say they are truly “blessed?”

Ps. 112 is one of my favorite passages on the “blessed person”:  “Blessed is the person who fears the Lord” (v. 1).

That Chapter Goes On To Tell Us The Five Blessings Of A “Blessed Person”:

1. Their children serve the Lord.

  • I have six wonderful, talented, children.  They all did well in school.  None of that, however, means a “blessing.”  
  • True blessing on my children means they have a personal walk with God.  It means their lives are known as spiritual leaders in the community.  It also means that their children receive the values my children were taught from Melanie and me.

2. Their finances are simple.

  • You don’t have to have as much money as Bill Gates to be “blessed.”  True blessing is about having the money you have placed in the right places.
  • Order in finances means that I am not living above my means.  Therefore, I have savings.  I am not overstretched.  A lot of people who have tons of money can’t say they live without financial pressure.

3. Their relationships are healthy.

  • Relationships are governed by two principles:  generosity and justice.  If I am kind, gracious, and merciful, I can “give and forgive.”  I demonstrate God’s kindness and generosity to me.
  • If I am just, I pay my bills, I keep my word, and I am a just, trustworthy, upright person.  My name is honored in the community.  You are truly blessed when you get along with your neighbor and they highly regard your integrity.

4. Their emotions are stable.

  • People are very frightened right now.  I have even heard of some people with huge amounts of money who have been in total paranoia in the Covid-19 crisis.  They fear bad news.  Their heart is always shaken.
  • “Blessing” is when I have my confidence in the Lord.  I am not moved.  I trust Him in good times and difficult times.  I know that He is with me at all times, whatever the news may say.

5. Their purpose is clear.

  • True blessing, finally, is a purpose.  Money does not buy a mission.  Purpose is a sense that you know your gift and are giving it to benefit others in this world.
  • Fulfillment is a blessing.  Nothing blesses my heart like providing a blessing for another person.  I become a “channel of blessing.”

These are 5 signs of a truly blessed person.

With today’s emphasis on money, possessions, and positions as the source of blessing, it is wonderful to know that you don’t have to have everything materially to be “blessed.”

Functional children, simple finances, healthy relationships, stable emotions, and a purpose in life sure count for a lot as well!


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