Why You Need to S.t.o.p.


I was recently listening to a podcast when the guest, Clint Longenecker, shared a method to get results. Clint used the acronym S.T.O.P. to help listeners remember what to do to get better results.

S.T.O.P. stands for Sit, Think, Organize, and Perform. Doing each of these things in succession will help you get results. Let’s take a look and see how S.T.O.P.ping will take you to the next level.

Why You Need To S.T.O.P.


Sitting allows you to ponder what you’re being paid for. What are the results you need to get to be considered successful for your position? Are you doing those things? As you’re SITTING, allow yourself to focus on what results you need to achieve.

Get a clear picture of what you need to do. Then begin to THINK.


Now that you’ve laid out what you need to achieve to be successful, it is time to think. THINK about the skills you have. Do you have the ability to accomplish these things by yourself? Do you need to bring on team members to assist you?

Once you’ve thought through your talents, you need to ORGANIZE.


Examine the processes you’re using. Are your current processes continually being improved upon? How can you better organize your workflow to improve productivity and increase your results?

Now that you’ve got things organized, you need to PERFORM.


Performing means you’re working on what needs to be done. This includes focusing on the results. It also means focusing on what gets results.

Review your work habits. Take breaks throughout the day to assess what’s going on.

Are you doing what needs to be done or merely what appears to be important?

When you begin to S.T.O.P. throughout your day, you’re going to find yourself seeing areas that need improvement, areas where you’re strong, and areas where you’re just missing it.

Be willing to take the time out of your day to assess your performance. Doing so will boost your productivity and increase your value to the organization.


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