Use Your Setback for Your Comeback


Setbacks… Something you hate to experience. Something that tells you that you’re not good enough. That you should just go home.

When you experience a setback, you feel like you’re 3 steps further back than when you began. You may think you don’t have what it takes to lead anymore.

But whenever you experience a setback, don’t think the setback is permanent. Your setbacks are temporary. And they’re a great springboard for your comeback.

The Dreaded Setback

Have you been in a situation where everything is moving forward and going perfectly? You feel like you’re the king of the world (Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic? We all know what happened to him). Then what happened to DiCarpio’s character happens to you.

You have a setback. The project gets derailed. You have a moral failure. A pink slip is handed to you on Friday afternoon.

Setbacks. They suck. They tear you down and make you hate your life.

But we’ve all had them. We’ve been handed a pink slip. We’ve been called out. Or we’ve failed in some way.

This setback can go one of two ways. You can wallow in self-pity and loathing. You can allow your setback to derail the rest of your life.

Conversely, you could see your setback can be the setup for your comeback.

Use Your Setback For Your Comeback

Setbacks are only temporary. They’re a difficulty or complication or mishap in your journey through life.

A missed deadline. Disappointed customers. Bankruptcy. The pink slip.

These are setbacks you could face sometime in your life. They’re also setups for your epic comeback…

Whenever you experience a setback, you need to look at it from a detached point of view. Because if you’re looking at it from your current perspective, all you’re going to see is hurt, pain, anger.

Yet when you step back from your setback, you begin to notice new things.

The pink slip you received on Friday? It freed you from a job you loathed. You hated going into the office Monday through Friday. Now the pink slip has given you the freedom to pursue what you’ve always wanted to do.

That bankruptcy? It removed an anchor from your life and you can move forward from your bad financial decisions. You’ve now got to make sure you’re making wise financial choices. But the bankruptcy you went through could change your financial future because it helped you change your spending habits.

The disappointed customer? This gives you an opportunity to come back and wow the customer. Go above and beyond what they were expecting. Give them more and give them better.

Your setbacks are the springboard to your comeback. Embrace your setback. Use your setback. Be the comeback kid.


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