Have You Met the Members of My Congregation?

I belong to the greatest church in the world.  We have an eclectic group of members and leaders. You would love them.  Here are some of their names….

First off, our pastor is Rev. Turner Byrne.

The deacons are Rod(ney) N. Staff, Moe Love, Noah D. Word, and Ruffin Tumble.

The Sunday School teachers are I. M. Humble, Chester Drawers, Hal E. Looyah, and Shuck D. Corn.

The church council includes I. M. Wright, R. U. Ready, H. Evan Sent, and Joiner R. Flock.

Other members include I. M. Pious, Phil N. Goode, Al B. Gone, Givmore Lute, Gitrite R. Getleft, Red E. R. Knott, Diddy Saythat, R. E. Pent, O. Y. Knott, Luke Warm, Phil Upcup, Willie Makeit, Will B. Brief, May B. Sew, I. M. Pasteur, and (retired) Pastor D. Saster.

The trustees are Roland N. D’Isles, Tryde Datt, and Brother Lee Love.

We had a family try to join our church a couple of Sundays ago. Their names were Steve and Mary Smith, sons Daniel and Joshua, and daughters Katherine and Jennifer.

We rejected them.

With names that strange, we weren’t sure we could trust them.