9 Ways Clarity Benefits Leaders


Several years ago I entered into a coaching relationship with seven other pastors through Will Mancini’s organization, Auxano. It was a great experience that helped me get clear about vision strategy. In the training and in Will’s seminal book on how to capture and lead through vision, Church Unique, he describes these 9 benefits of being clear as you lead your church.

How clarity benefits leaders.

  1. Clarity makes uniqueness undeniable.
  2. Clarity makes direction unquestionable.
  3. Clarity makes enthusiasm transferable.
  4. Clarity makes work meaningful.
  5. Clarity makes synergy possible.
  6. Clarity makes success definable.
  7. Clarity makes focus sustainable.
  8. Clarity makes leadership credible.
  9. Clarity makes uncertainty approachable.

How would you rank your clarity in your ministry using these 9 as benchmarks?


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