This Is a National Crisis for Prayer

We have never had a time like this.  It has been about 45 days of fighting an unseen enemy.  We’ve tried everything humanly possible.  

Pray F.I.R.S.T.”  I woke up the other morning with that verse on my mind, “FIRST of all, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be made for all men…” (1 Tim. 2:1).  

Usually, it’s “last.”  It’s casual, it’s weekly or monthly or never.  Now, it matters.  Our family, friends, and neighbor’s lives are at stake.  Our economy is at stake.

How Do You Pray “F.I.R.S.T.”?


God wants to be our Friend.  He was Abraham’s friend.  He wants to sense your dependence and enter into your pain.  He wants to build a relationship with you.

Start prayer with “worship.”  Tell Him how mighty and loving and good He is.  Bow before Him, sit before Him, sing to Him a song that comes to your heart.  

Most of all, converse with Him…like a best friend.


Another element Paul mentioned was “intercession…for kings and all who are in authority.”  Intercession means to “pray on behalf of others.”

Leaders need our prayers.   We should call out the names of our mayors, governors, and national leaders who are making the decisions now. 

Pastors, politicians, policemen, physicians, and, most of all, people who are very sick need our “intercession.”


Let’s not forget this important part of prayer.  Search your heart right now and ask yourself, “Have I left my FIRST LOVE for God?” (Rev. 2: 4).

We get so busy that we forget God.  We pursue our pleasure, possessions, and power.  Now, we sit in our homes with everything that entertains us shut down.

It’s time for a personal “reckoning,” a personal humbling and turning to God.


Next comes “supplication”:  “to bring a petition.”  It has to do with the multitude of needs we are facing right now.  Perhaps your job, finances, future, and family members have been affected.

Bring your specific petitions to God.  Clearly spell out before Him what your greatest needs are.  Then, remind Him of a promise He made in His Word pertaining to that need.


The best is saved for last.  If any person with higher power or authority than you had granted you a great favor, you would profusely thank them!

Profusely thank God.  Thank God for salvation, for health, for protection, for family, for happiness, for financial blessings.

Only one leper out of ten returned to “give God thanks.”  Let that one “leper” be you and me!

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