4 Important Reminders of How to Walk with God

We all forget.  I have to set reminders and notifications for everything:  meetings, calls, appointments, events, personal duties…almost to BREATHE! 

In today’s world, we can also quickly forget our values, our heritage, and our identity.  What about your spiritual reminders?

So as not to forget God, Israel was commanded to tie four “tassels” of blue and violet on the “four corners of their robe” (Deut. 22:12).  They constantly reminded them of their identity as a follower of God and His Word.

Here Are The Four “Tassels” I Use To Constantly Remind Myself Of My Spiritual Identity:

1. PRAYER:   I remind myself that God is my Best Friend.

Last Friday was my 44th anniversary.  Melanie and I have walked together, loved together, survived together, ministered together, parented together, and traveled together.  My first question when I wake up is, “Where’s Melanie?”

Remind yourself of your walk with God every day.  Have a time of daily “devotions.”  Don’t hurry off into your day with no reminder of God’s companionship.  Open your Bible, get quiet, then enjoy your day with Him.

2. PURITY:  I remind myself of my commitment to Him.

Like a wedding ring reminds me of my covenant to Melanie, I am in covenant with God.  His Holy Spirit in my heart has been assigned to keep me pure until I am eternally “married” to Christ.  

Staying away from life’s temptation is easier when you remind yourself that you are married to God.  As with Melanie, I could not betray Him for another.  Being faithful to Him is something you constantly guard and preserve.

3. PROVISION:  I remind myself that God is my Source.

I’ve been tithing since I was five years old.  My parents taught me that everything I possess came from God’s Hand and that the first 1/10 belongs to Him.  

My father promised God to tithe on a road in North Africa during a German invasion in World War 2.  His conversion that day and faithfulness to that promise produced three generations of ministers.

God doesn’t need our money.  He only wants to remind us to put Him first financially.  He fully intends to supply ALL our needs.  He just wants us to remind ourselves of our total dependence upon Him.

4. PRAISE:  I remind myself to give Him thanks.

People rarely stop and give thanks before eating these days.  Before He fed the 5000, Jesus “looked up to heaven and gave a blessing.” 

When we pause and give thanks at a table, we are “reminding” ourselves:  “God has graciously provided for me with food the way He provided Israel with manna.”  

Before you eat, stop for a moment.  Give Him heartfelt thanks for all He has provided to sustain you.

If you have a hard time remembering your walk with God, make yourself some “reminders” with your time, your temptations, your finances, and your physical health.