How to Recognize When You Are Being Emotionally Contagious


“Viral.”  Before last month, many of us thought that it was a good Instagram post or picture!

Now, we know.  It is a microorganism that is spread rapidly by being “contagious.”

Have You Thought About ALL Of The Powerful, Viral Ways You Are Contagious?

Your ATTITUDE is contagious—the power of a complaint

Israel faced four different plagues in the wilderness.  More often than not, it came from deadly attitudes.

The “rabble” at the rear of the congregation (Egyptians who came along with Israel when they left Egypt) constantly had bad attitudes.  They complained about the food, the water, the leadership, and so many inconveniences.

When I have a good attitude, others become more positive as well.  Remember that others are constantly “catching” your attitude.

Your WORDS are contagious—the power of a rumor

The “rumor mill” has been grinding out nonstop this last month.  Social media has almost broken the internet bandwidth capacity as everyone passes along “something they heard.”

Don’t pass rumors along to others.  Keep a “social distance” from half-truths, exaggerations, wild predictions, and personal vendettas.

Your EMOTIONS are contagious—the power of  panic

There is a reason it is against the law to jokingly yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre.  People can die as they trample others to death trying to beat them to the exit door.

Control your emotions.  Don’t get a charge out of bringing a panicked expression to someone’s face.  Be a peacemaker, a relaxed person.  One of your most important contributions right now is to say, “We’re going to come through this!”

Your KINDNESS is contagious—the power of a smile

In times of scarcity, it feels like every man for himself.  People grab and snatch.  Very few people offer to help someone else get their needs met while sacrificing something they really needed.

Smile at people.  Offer to reach something they can’t reach and hand them something you could have really used yourself.  Kindness is the art of noticing others needs and forgetting as much as possible about your own.

Your IDEAS are contagious—the power of a solution

Get creative right now with your solutions.  People are confused and bewildered.  Their lives feel out of rhythm and order.  

If you figure out something that makes life easier right now, share it with the world!  The web is full of people making masks, hand sanitizer, and forming groups for one purpose:  giving others solutions.

Your FAITH is contagious—the power of a conviction

Ah, my favorite.  Paul said that “Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” (2 Cor. 2: 14).

I remember passing a bread factory, and it smelled so good my tongue almost slapped my brains out!  I love my wife’s glorious perfume.  It’s a contagious fragrance.


You ARE contagious.  Be sure the emotions you are VIRAL with are bringing healing to the world and not destruction.


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