Things to Do When You Are Totally Bored


Let’s face it, people are bored and scared.  The endless news reports keep you scared.  The endless limitations keep you bored.

Chances are you probably feel like you are waiting on a slow trip to nowhere.  Money is dwindling, relationships are frazzling, and nothing is MOVING.

It reminds me of the time I rode on a train from Switzerland to Italy.  All night.  Standing up in the hallway.  Longest night of my life, packed in a hall on a train car trying to sleep like a horse!

Try these 7 hacks to turn “boredom” into “blessing”:

1. Re-acquaint yourself with your family.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, we pass like ships in the harbor.  Our conversations are shallow.  Our emotions are frazzled.  

Stop yourself cold.  Take another look at how your kids are growing up.  Study the face of your spouse like you did when you were dating.  This is a pretty awesome time to rediscover your greatest resource:  “family.”

2. Start reading four different books

Read?  Who has time to read?”  YOU DO.  Especially right now.  Find an inspirational book, a marriage/family book, a productivity book, and a book on a subject that interests you.

Download all four of them to Kindle and start reading one chapter/section in each book every day.  You will get “hooked” on those books!

3. Clean up and clean out.

Look around you.  Surely there is a garage, a car, a closet that is just BEGGING to get cleaned out!

Vacuuming up, throwing away, and organizing is good for your soul.  It gives you a “row to hoe” when you are bored and make you feel productive again.

4. Get your body moving again.

Find an online stretching or resistance bands workout.  If you have nothing else, push-ups, “planks,” and crunches will do.  

I also recommend a daily walk in the morning or evening.  15-20 minutes with your spouse or alone will rejuvenate you and get your mind cleared every day.

5. Watch some inspirational messages.

The Internet has become everyone’s source of information and inspiration.  Tens of thousands of churches and ministries are putting their messages online for you to peruse.

Find your favorite communicators and soak up some extra Scripture and song.

7. Meet a need in someone else’s life.

One great “boredom buster” is looking around for a need in a neighbor.  Some (especially elderly) are afraid to go to the grocery store.  Others need a hand with an odd job.  

Eyes on others” restores purpose when you have lost yours.

7. Establish a daily routine.

Don’t sleep late.  Rise at your regular time, eat meals at the regular times, and plan out some activity for each day.  Go to bed at your regular time.  Don’t forget an afternoon nap!

Start on these seven things today and I promise you will look back on this season as your best ever.  You WILL EMERGE stronger, more focused, and changed!


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