3 Simple Activities to Improve Your Health


Becoming healthier in your leadership and life doesn’t have to be difficult. Though we often make health more difficult than it should be.

There are simple activities you can do every day to improve your health. You just have to be mindful of them.

We’re going to look at 3 simple activities you can do every day. The three activities will touch on three areas you probably need to be healthier. These areas are your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

With a few simple activities, you can become healthier. Let’s take a look at what you can do to become a healthier leader.

3 Simple Activities To Improve Your Health

1. Take a walk during lunch (or create walking meetings):

Walking is probably the simplest and easiest physical exercise you can do. And walking doesn’t have to impede much on your busy schedule. You can get walks in during regular business hours by planning them strategically.

Instead of sitting in the conference room for a meeting, ask if meeting attendees would be open to getting outside and walking during the meeting. You can converse and move around while conducting your meetings. This allows you to hold your meeting AND get a walk in.

The other thing you could do is to walk during your lunch break. There are beautiful areas all around you. And you probably waste your lunch break anyways sitting behind the desk surfing Facebook and responding to Twitter messages.

Instead of sitting behind your desk, get up and get outside. You can get in a good two to three-mile walk in your average lunch break. This will allow you to get your healthy physical activity in without interrupting your family life.

Or, if your spouse is up for it, choose to go for a walk with your spouse before or after work. You’ll get your exercise time in and spend time with your spouse. Is there a better win-win situation?

There’s no excuse to get in physical activity during your day.

2. Read 15-20 minutes every day:

Your mental health needs to be worked on as well as your physical health. You can easily work on your mental health by picking up and reading a good book every day.

Your reading session doesn’t have to be long. Fifteen to twenty minutes of reading every day will help improve your mental health.

Find good books to read. Read business books. Peruse well-being and self-help books. Devour a delicious fiction book.

Get your mind turning by reading every day.

3. Use a Bible reading plan:

Your spiritual health is crucial to your well-being along with your mental and physical health. Yet you may be neglecting the importance of your relationship with God.

Reading the Bible and learning more about your faith can be an easy part of your life to ignore. It’s not something you see on a regular basis so you forget.

Well, make Bible reading and study a regular part of your day. Find a Bible reading plan that suits you and helps you get excited about reading the Bible and knowing God better.

Use the YouVersion Bible app on Android or Apple operating systems. Choose to follow the free SOAP reading plan. Find some way to get into the Word every day and increase your spiritual health.


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