Why You Must Work on the Culture (culture Series – Part 1)


The #1 responsibility of the leader is to be the culture architect:

To design the culture you want to build.

Your job is to ensure that the culture is built by design rather than default.

Culture is king.

In today’s leadership economy, it is the dominant driver of health and growth.

Culture is the combination of our vision and our values.

Culture is the combination of what we believe and how we behave.

Today you may be designing the culture you want or changing the one you inherited. Either way, you need to work more than anything else on the culture. Here’s why:

Culture Accelerates the Vision.

Every organization has a goal they want to achieve.

Organizations with healthy culture get there faster, stronger and with more consistency. Culture serves as the fuel to achieve your goals. Culture allows you to accelerate the vision!

Unhealthy culture throws water on the fire and slows everything down. The culture will either accelerate or decelerate the vision. You get to decide.

Culture Creates Credibility

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

If you say we value something and you don’t live it out, you lose credibility.

One of the values in our culture at CourageToLead.com is EXECUTION: We do what we say we are going to do.

As we live this out, we earn our client’s trust and build credibility. That guides behavior and immediately shines a spotlight on team members who don’t follow through on promises.

Culture Facilitates Accountability

You create culture often by what you tolerate.

You must hold your team accountable to living the behaviors you claim to hold.

When we are intentional and clearly frame the culture we want to be, it creates an environment for healthy accountability and growth.

When team culture is strong, team members are empowered to hold one another accountable. Culture levels the playing field, which elevates our game and builds (and maitains) a healthy culture.


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