The Lord Is with You


What Does It Mean For The Lord To Be With You?

“The Lord is with you.”  What exactly does that mean?  Is it more than a sweet phrase?

I believe it describes your entire lifestyle.  It marks every step you take, every decision you make.

The Bible says, “The Lord was with Joseph” (Gen. 39:2).  Here are five things contained in that simple phrase that should excite you and me:

  1.  “He became successful” (Gen 39:2)Success is not your surroundings.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers.  He was bought by Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh.  He had no reason to think he was “successful.”Success is winning.  Everything Joseph attempted, he won.  We may be in a dark place, but we still can win!  God’s presence in your life gives you tiny little victories…all day, and in every way.
  2. “He found favor” (Gen 39:4)Favor is promotion.  Potiphar “made him an overseer and put him in charge of all that he had” (v. 4). You can count on it that people who God is with are going to “rise to the top.”  Their boss, their company, their neighbors, their friends will all seek for them to be in leadership.  Focus on God’s presence in your life and leadership will come automatically.
  3. “He found steadfast love” (Gen 39:21)Joseph was falsely accused.  He was thrown in prison for something he had not done.  Even there, “the Lord was with Him and showed Him steadfast love.”This means that you’re in your lowest moments you will still feel the presence of God. You will not feel alone, isolated, and rejected.  You will feel God’s love where others feel depression and anger.
  4. “He found wisdom” (Gen 41:38)God was with Joseph to interpret Pharaoh’s dream.  Pharaoh said, “Can we find a man like this in whom is the Spirit of God?”  Jacob not only interpreted his dream but gave him a plan to store food for seven years and save the nation.When God is with you, you have creative ideas.  You understand hard things. You see problems and know how to solve them.  It’s not your intelligence, but God showing you what to do by wisdom.
  5. “He found forgiveness” (Gen 45: 8)

When God brought his brothers before him, Joseph said, “It was not you who sent me here, but God.”  Instead of bitterness and revenge at those who had seemingly ruined his life, a sense of forgiveness and purpose rose up in him.

When God is with you, you feel His love for your enemies.  He loves them and wants to forgive them if they will let Him.  Let it go. See their wrong actions as part of a larger picture.  People cannot stop purpose.

Don’t focus on success, favor, love, wisdom, or forgiveness.

Focus on “God is with me.”  His presence brings all five of those things.




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