How to Grow Through Disappointment Rather Than Die In Delay

Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” 

And yet, if we could be honest, we would all have to admit that sometimes life hurts. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you know, where you live, what you drive or what your status may be in society, we are all susceptible to the disappointments of life.  From time to time they leave us with the task of digging our way out of the pitfalls of pain. Since disappointments are a reality of life, we must find ways to pinpoint what causes them, as well as properly process the frustrations that are associated with them.

Disappointments come in all shapes and sizes.  However, there are a couple that we as living breathing, human beings often share.

  1. Constant Comparison.  

Not all comparison is bad and to a certain degree it can even be helpful.  Sometimes it challenges us to bring out a better version of ourselves. Sometimes, it makes us edgy, helps us push our boundaries, and break the self-imposed limitations that lead us to our distinct competitive advantage. However, when we are constantly in that comparison zone it can lead to our own demise because we begin allowing the success of others to become the benchmark we choose to live by. This can be a huge waste of time and effort leaving us unnecessarily exhausted on every level. Never forget that no one can do what you are destined to do better than you can do it.     

The bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The sooner we believe this and begin making the conscious decision to stop devaluing our own uniqueness, the sooner we can break the destructive patterns that often leave us dealing with disappointment. 

  1. Delays and Denials

When our hopes continue to go on unrealized and our desires continue to go on unfulfilled, it can plunge us into disappointment. Perhaps you were hoping to be married by now. Perhaps you never imagined you would be childless at your age. You probably never thought that after a joyous entry into college life you would not only be leaving with a degree behind your name, but a massive amount of debt would be attached to you as well. Maybe you didn’t expect your retirement gift would be accompanied by an unwelcomed diagnosis that is threatening your very life. These are the types of challenges that can leave us feeling delayed, denied and easily disappointed. In moments like this it is imperative that we hold on to the promises of God and trust that in the fullness of time he WILL bring every promise to pass. Often the difference between success and failure is nothing but a matter of time.  If God has said it, He will do it, but He will do it in His time.    

Disappointments can be dangerous. Their goal is to leave your life scattered with seeds of doubt. Doubt that destroys our desires and suggests God is unfaithful. That He will hear and answer everyone but you. That success is a goal you are incapable of obtaining. That even though you call Him a God of more than enough, you yourself will NEVER be enough!  

If disappointment has left you with tears streaming down your face, just let them fall. God will use them to irrigate whatever dream, expectation, goal or vision that you have left. Please remember that all it takes to obtain a harvest is one seed of hope that refuses to die! Could it die? Yes! Does it want to die? Sometimes! Would it be easy for it to die? No doubt! But, in the face of every disappointment it says, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”