Social Media Best Practices for Churches

I don’t see many churches using social media well. Two things in particular stand out to me:

1) A lot of times, it’s as if the church has carried its Sunday morning bulletin strategy over to social media. Too often I see churches posting announcements to social media rather than engaging a conversation.

2) I also rarely detect a content strategy when I’m reviewing church social media accounts. And without that, it’s really challenging to have an effective social media strategy. There’s a good chance you’re wasting time and resources.

I’m convinced most churches don’t really know their “win” for using social media. The problem with that is that without clear wins, at best you’ll waste time and resources, and at worst you’ll do damage to your brand and the opportunity you have to engage people outside your church.

So, in this episode, I invited Tiffany Deluccia from my team at The Unstuck Group back on the podcast to share some best practices for social media churches can learn and run with.

You may remember Tiffany from Episode 61 – Why Church Communications Is Stuck in 2004. Hopefully after listening to that episode you dove headfirst into working on a content strategy 🙂

If so, this episode will be a good next step: It will give you some practical advice on how social media can be effective tools in your tool belt.

In this episode, we covered:

  • How to maximize the potential of social media for reaching more people and increasing engagement
  • 3 principles for social media that are pretty much always true, even with the constantly evolving algorithms and cultural nuances
  • Best practices for Facebook and Instagram in 2019
  • 3 practical next steps to dramatically improve how effective your church is at using social media

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