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You Can Overcome the Giants of Limitations

The biggest giants you face are the ones in your mind.  I have learned that “limiting beliefs” are holding me back from any area I must conquer.

Israel faced seven nations who were larger and more powerful than them.  They scared 10 of the 12 spies to death!  Joshua and Caleb, however, said, “Their defenses are gone and they are bread in our mouth.”

The battle was, in their minds, already finished.


1.   First giant:  “Measuring probabilities”

The ten spies measured their enemies and felt like “grasshoppers in their own eyes.”  Actually, God was not even depending on Israel’s size to overcome the giants.  He was going to use some little hornets instead!

Put your tape measure away.  Don’t look at Goliath’s size and strength.  Look above His head to how big your God is and how unlimited His strength and resources are!

2.  Second giant:  “Remembering failures”

Don’t let your past define you.  Every past failure stands before you in your mind like an impassable giant.  He laughs at you and mocks how pitiful you appeared when you failed and gave up in defeat in the past.

Forget the former things.  Do not dwell on the past” (Isa. 43:18, NIV).  Your past failures were often not Spirit-led or Bible-based.  Your mind was perhaps not renewed or your relationships were wrong.  Today is a new day and a new you.  YOU HAVE GROWN BIGGER THAN YOUR GIANTS.

3.  Third giant:  “Protecting possessions”

This giant tells you, “If you try to defeat me, your family will fall apart and have nothing to eat.  You will lose your home, your status, your retirement and your legacy.”

“Life is not about protecting your treasures.  It is about conquering your territory.”  Satan is guarding your destiny carefully and is petrified that you might snatch it out of his hands!

4.  Fourth giant:  “Pleasing people”

This giant yells, “What will your family members think?  What will your friends think?  What will they say on social media?  You must protect your “IMAGE” at all costs!”

PLEASE GOD.  David’s brothers mocked his courage about Goliath.  They accused him of pride and grandstanding.  Where were they when he took the head off the champion?

5.  Fifth giant:  “Settling for slavery”

Let’s face it:  “Slavery is predictable.”  Some people actually prefer to be in jail where they are assured of getting “three hot (meals) and a cot!” 

Whatever bondage you have justified in your mind, kick it out!  You are in bondage to no one, only a “love-slave” to Jesus Christ.  If you are in financial bondage, mental bondage, emotional bondage or any other bondage, RISE UP AND WALK OUT.

I’m telling you, Satan’s limits are in your mind.

Take those thoughts captive.  See those five enemies running in terror.

The Promised Land is waiting…isn’t it time to GO FORWARD?